Mysterious Kugitang


    1. day Arrival in Ashgabat. Pick up at the Ashgabat International Airport. Accommodation in the hotel. Breakfast. Ashgabat sightseeing tour: Park and Monument of Independence, Cable Car “Asma Yoly”. Lunch. Excursion to the National Museum of Turkmenistan. Continue the tour: Health Path “Saglyk Yoly”, Ertogrul Gazy Mosque. Dinner.
    2. day Breakfast. Transport to the Ashgabat International Airport. Flight to Mary city. Drive to “Ancient Merv” visiting monuments Greater and Lesser Gyz Gala, Ashabs’ cenotaphs, Soltan Sanjar Mausoleum, Erk Gala Fortress and Muhammed-ibn-Zeid Mausoleum. Drive to Turkmenabat city. Lunch. Drive to Koyten village. On the way visit to Astana-Baba Mausoleum. Crossing the Amudarya River. Arrival in Koyten village. Accommodation on the tourist base “Koytendag”. Dinner.
    3. day Breakfast. Walk along the Kugitang Mountains gorge. Tour of the “Forty Girls’ Gorge”, “Plateau of Dinosaurs”. Lunch outdoors. Visit to Umbar-Dere Waterfall. Return to the camp. Excursion to Koyten Lake. Dinner.
      4 day Breakfast. Transfer to Ashgabat. Visit to Kaynar-Baba Lake. Lunch. Arrival in the Airport of Turkmenabat city. Flight to Ashgabat. Arrival, Accommodation in the hotel. Dinner.

Lebap velayat occupies 94 000 km2 and is situated on the both banks of the Amudarya River. Administrative center is Turkmenabat. Livestock and agriculture are the main branches of the region’s economics. The major part of the velayat is covered by the Karakum Desert. One of the places of interest of the region is the Repetek State Reserve-with the status of an International Biosphere Reserve. The Kugitang Nature Reserve, which offers dinosaur footprints, a vast network of caves and Turkmenistan’s highest peak, is also situated here. The region has some fine historical monuments and holy places as well.

Description of main spots

Kugitang is the home of the highest mountains in Turkmenistan, the deepest lake, the longest caves and the most majestic natural waterfalls in the country. The Kugitang Nature Reserve is a huge geological research center, the pride of which is the rocky plateau with hundreds of dinosaur footprints.
Plateau of Dinosaurs (“Hoja Pil”) According to scientists’ researches more than 150 million years ago in Jurassic period the Plateau was the bottom of wide sea lagoon, which dried, and the footprints of running animals remained on the wet sand like on the solidifying concrete.
The Umbar-dere’s pearl is a 27 m waterfall bearing the same name. To reach it one has to make a long walk along the winding rocky corridor with high vertical walls. The corridor is so narrow that the sky above Is seen as a thin stripe and any sound is reflected with a resonant echo. The waterfall is very beautiful. The water falls to the ground with a noise and thousands of splashes form a brilliant water curtain bordered
with the thinnest muslin of the smallest drops. The mausoleum of Astana-Baba is the 9-12 centuries AD the monument of architecture. It is the place of “ziyarat” – a regular ritual of worshipping of holy men, observed by visiting pilgrims. The clay and water as construction materials were brought from Holy Mekka. It was a house of Omar-Kali on the old caravan way from Bahlto Zemm and Amul in Early Feudal times.

The tour includes:
• Visa support letter and visa registration
• Accommodation in the hotel “Grand Turkmen”**** (BB), “Koytendag” tourist base in Koyten village
• Transport for the whole tour (for 2 pax – jeep; for 5 pax+ – minivans (day 2-4))
• Transfers airport – hotel – airport
• Internal flight tickets Ashgabat – Mary and Turkmenabat -Ashgabat
• Meals-full board
• Guide’s services
• Sightseeing sites’ entrance
• Water, tea, coffee, fruits during the whole tour

The tour does not include:
• International airplane ticket
• Visa to Turkmenistan
• Immigration fee paid upon arrival in Turkmenistan
• Photo/video fees

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