Ashgabat – the capital of Neutral and Independent Turkmenistan considered as an administrative, cultural and business centre of the country since the declaration of Independence of the country on 27th of October in 1991.

The fate of Ashgabat is wonderful and unique. With its name, tracing back into centuries, and being wiped off the face of the earth in the middle of the XX century, this city has become an embodiment of immortality, the most everlasting soul of the Turkmen nation.

This nation has passed a historical way equal to the history of the whole human civilization. Having taken upon itself the world joy and miseries, having introduced its inexhaustible spiritual donation and constructive energy, this nation has not worn out in soul and talent, and its today revival witness thereof.

Being founded in 1881 the city was given the name of the adjacent village – Asgabat. The name of the rapidly built, buried in verdure Caspian oblast was translated as “city of love, fertility, welfare”. Hence became the custom: Ashgabat is a city of love. A sunny cosy oasis, protected by the Karakum desert in the north and by the Kopet – Dag ridge in the south, has aroused in its citizens bright and warm feelings towards their native city, and it has become a sing of Ashgabat, its essential peculiarity.

Having been newly built after the earthquake (6th of October in 1948), Ashgabat has preserved this peculiarity.

Day by day the capital of our motherland become more and more beautiful and gladdens the eye with its new appearance. Constellation of unique architectural buildings, lots of museums, exhibition halls and theatres attract the guests of our capital.

For the last years Ashgabat completely changed it’s former appearance. The present Ashgabat distinguishes itself with its own style, combining the best traditions of national architecture and the achievements of modern town-building such as “Arch of Neutrality”, “Museum and the monument for the victims of the Ashgabat earthquake in1948”, “National Museum”, “Monument and the park of Independence”, “Ice Palace”, “Cable Cars”, “Path of health”, “The fairy tale world of Turkmenbashy”, “Olympic swimming complex”, “Puppet theatre”, “Park of 10 Akhaltekin horses” and many others.

Fresh climatic air, clean and wide streets, new parks with majestic fountains and originality of the capital keep unforgettable impressions.

For the guest services there are lots of luxury hotels with high class services and modern design of International standard satisfy every guest of the capital.



The first year of the epoch of Power and Happiness – May 18, 2012 – the day of 20th anniversary of the Main Law adoption, Revival, Unanimity and Magtymguly Pyragy’s poems, is the people’s holiday. On this occasion the esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov participated in the opening ceremony and cut the opening bandage of Alem Cultural-Entertainment Center which is located on the southwest part of the flourishing, white city. This wonderful edifice was created from the harmonious combination of the European architecture with the national architectural heritage. It became the sign of the national Leader’s appreciation of our ancestors’ principles for giving comprehensive education to the young generation: to devote all best things to the children; to surround them with love, care and attention; to gain good results in educating them as courageous, willing and country loving men. This bright building having the green gardens around it, gives joy to souls and nice to watch as it is the place where peoples’ dreams are realized in the epoch of Power and Happiness.The largest, enclosed-type round swing of Alem Cultural- Entertainment Center allows to watch nearby places above. The center has been constructed on the base of the National Leader’s city-construction policy adding the harmony and beauty to the architectural appearance of Ashgabat. It was declared as the world record and the center was entered into the Guinness Book of Records. This event means that the world society pays attention to the great affairs of Turkmenistan on implementing the stable state reforms, especially, providing the happiest life for the young generation.

Archabil avenue is extended beginning from the east part of the capital to the start place of the Path of Health and along with it Bitarap Turkmenistan avenue reaches to the north part of the mountain foothills of the white city crossing with it in the north-west part, and Archabil avenue crosses with Bekreve avenue in the north east part of those places which the wonderful building of Alem Cultural-Entertainment Center is located adding its beauty to the architectural appearance of Ashgabat – the pearl of Central Asia.

On the esteemed President’s effective Decree in January 17, 2010, this beautiful and arrogant building was built and its total construction area occupies about 26 000 square metres, height – 95 metres. The second basement floor of the building contains the close type of parking lot for 177 automobiles, the technical rooms and the technical edifices. There are a bowling hall, the space museum which allows watching the world’s space and a cafe with 80 seats on its first basement floor.

While coming to the first floor of the building you will notice game halls. Here you may find different modern games on computers. The equipments on the right side were intended for the little children and the various action games on the left side were intended for the school pupils. Here the children may find all convenient conditions to play with different kinds of computer games. There is also the entrance of the rounding wheel and the place for buying tickets.

The second floor was intended for the elder men. It contains VIP restaurant with 20 seats and other restaurants and cafes. The third floor of the building is the entrance place to the rounding wheel. It contains the technical rooms. On the fourth floor the people come into the rounding wheel. On the fifth floor the wheel rounds fully. Its diametre is equal to 57 metres. It contains VIP cabins 23 – for 6 persons and 1 – for 4 persons.

It is important to note that the esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov as the great Architect of the time has concer­ned his constructive starts into the construction art. The govern­ment takes the great care on the sustainability of buildings, sta­bility in the cases of various na­tural incidents, the architectural individuality in forms, and har­mony with other buildings of the national architecture in the ca­pital city-construction. The na­tional Leader always makes an acquaintance with construction of new buildings which play im­portant role in his working visits to the capital city. Such visit show good results and this huge rounding wheel may be the best testimony for it.

The main entrance of Alem Cultural-Entertainment Centre opens to Archabil avenue. Its east, west and north sides are the open area, green trees and gar­dens. There are the open types of parking lots around the buil­ding. Its surroundings are deco­rated with the beautiful flowers, new trees and fountains. There is even parking places for the baby carriages besides the parking lots for the private automobiles.

All necessary conditions for the peoples’ rest have been created in the cultural-entertainment centre. It is possible to climb the floors of the building with stairs and Estacada. Here you may meet different kinds of entertainments and places for good rest, eating, listening music and watching the city wonders. Men of different ages may find the things which will entertain them in this building. The people may find here all necessary conditions for entertaining with the games of automats; watching films of the space times in two modern cinemas which meet all requirements of the world standards; watching the beauties of its rounds, the high buildings of the capital, the palaces with the golden cupolas, the Path of Health which go by the Kopetdag mountain ridges and the thousands of hectares of wood zones. Each moment being here inspire people with joy and happiness to work and create the future.

Alem Cultural-Entertainment Centre is distinguished with its arrogance not just in the white capital, but also in the region being one of the esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s present to the citizens. There is also important meaning in its opening on the occasion of the Happiest Degree’s creation day – Revival, Unity and Magtymguly Pyragy’s poems by the blessings of the dear national Leader.

Constitution is the most im­portant value of the state and it guarantees the people’s freedom, labour, creative work and the rights. Our humanitarian govern­ment leads forward with the slogan «The State for the people!» which was emerged from deep wisdom of the esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov deep wisdom in order to create all necessary conditions for the generation happiness and bright future. The citizens of the Turkmenistan use all the offered conveniences in spite of their age. profession, employment and the position in the life. They strive to work, to create, to stud}’ and to construct. Each of our countrymen uses the offered living-conveniences in the result of the esteemed President’s great initiatives. In the epoch of Power and Happiness the present generation trusts in that they are building their bright future.


The glorious events of the 21st au­tumn of the sacred Independence brought joy and high spirit to our people on September 28, 2012 and this date was written on the golden pages in the celebrated history of the epoch of Power and Happiness. On that day, at the Mejlis of Cabi­net of Ministers of Turkmenistan in September 23-25 mayor of Ashga­bat city informed that our Indepen­dent motherland firstly entered into the list of the authorized competi­tion list and gained rewards with its construction projects of Bagt Koshgi building and Turkmenistan Television Broadcasting Centre. According to the state Leader’s ins­truction he has been in an official visit in London of Great Britain and during his visit he participated in the authorized international reward giving ceremony of International Property Awards Europe. The news will stay in the people’s memory forever. The city mayor conveyed the documents of these authorized prizes to the esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and at that moment we feel pride and would like to express our gratitude to the nation’s Patron for his endless care of improving the main city of the country, flourishing of its each street and avenue, combining of the European standards with the natio­nal architectural patterns of our an­cestors for construction of modern, beautiful edifices and concerning them all to the harmonious beauty of Ashgabat.

During 18 years 128 best projects of 29 countries of the world have been awarded with the authorized international prizes of In­ternational Property Awards Europe and among them on the direction of «Architecture of social edifices» the construction projects of Bagt Koshgi building and Turkmenistan Television Broadcasting Centre which were erected according to the esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s initiatives and his participation in their opening ceremony on the occasion of celebrating 20th anniversary of the sacred Independence, have been selected by the members of jury: the world major architects, the leaders of the large companies, the outstanding scientists and writers. This fact proves that the world society pays great attention to the construction of wonderful buildings in Turkmenistan.

Bagt Koshgi building is sur­rounded with structure of four-sided octagonal star of Oguzkhan, the round in form of globe possesses 32 metres in diametre and its outer cover was constructed from special, smooth metal plastics which returns the light in the maximum degree. The map of Turkmenistan was pictured on the round and it is seen from far distance as it was covered with golden gilt.

The building possesses 8 inside entrances making possible to hold several ceremonial meetings at the same time. The edifice concerns 10 floors including the basement and 5 of them are intended for general utilization and others are the technical rooms.

The platform contains 11 metres underground parking lot with numbers for 300 cars, kitchen and technical rooms to serve the building. In the basement floor of the building there are 2 wedding halls with 500 seats and a large wedding hall with 1000 seats, several shops with broad sprectrum of service and rooms for the art employees. Besides these the building contains 22 hotel rooms and 12 of them are ordinary double rooms and 10 of them are first class rooms. All of them are provided with grand marbles and modern technologies.

The ground floor contains 6 mar­riage registration halls with the placement capacity for700 persons, the waiting halls, 2 cafes and a terrace. On the first floor there are banquet halls for the ceremonial parties: one hall with 200 seats

and 6 halls, each has 100 seats. The second floor contains the open offices, archive and management rooms. On the third floor there are the management cabinets. The fourth and fifth floors are intended for the technical platforms. On the sixth floor it was constructed the Altyn Zal Waiting Room. The seventh floor is intended for the bride’s preparation and guests’ rest. On the eighth floor which is located in up sphere contains the sacred family rooms for the happiest youth. The best hall which blesses the youth to their future union for happy life is located on the top of the building Bagt Koshgi – it is Shamchyrag Coronation Hall that is situated in the shape of the globe.


The esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov beginning from the first days of this presidency pays attention to the nation beneficial affairs for the sake of the people’s peaceful living and spiritual revival, which are the important values of the human society. In the result of those starts which create the great attention of the world society, our each day fills with joy, happy news and celebrated events. As one of such glorious events in June 29, 2008 year entered to the Turkmen history with the golden letters. That day two of world known events happened. One of them took place, along Archabil Avenue which considered as the bright way of the Turkmen people’s future, in front of square of the Main National Museum of Turkmenistan where the State Flag of Turkmenistan was raised up to the level of allowing this event to enter into the Guinness Book of Records. This important event was added to the history of the new epoch with the golden pages giving pride and honour to the nation. The vice-president of the Whole world records book of Guinness Greig Glendey participated in the ceremony where the State Flag of 420 kilogrammes weigh, with size of 52,5 and 35 metres has been lifted up to 133 metres flagstaff under the high sound of the State Anthem. That moment will be remembered by everybody forever.

According to the esteemed Pre­sident’s starts our Main Flag was hoisted joining the whole nation into the equal aim of devoting the passion for the great purposes in the white city of Ashgabat. Our people always appreciated the spiritual values as the sacred state banners’ tributes passing them from generation to generation with care. They consider their great banner which hoists over the country spreading its flour scent in the world as crown on their heads proudly.

The State Flag! It borrowed green colour of the eternal life. It hoists above the peaceful sky of Independent and eternally Neutral Turkmenistan. The green banner shines its light to our bright ways of lives! Its wonderfulness is its sacredness which is distinguished with the outstanding authority in announcing the state policy which took its source from the general human benefits in order to realize the nation’s spiritual desire in the peace loving centre of the white city! In the wonderful corner of Ashgabat our green Banner hoists shining its light doesn’t just above the peaceful sky, but also to our souls announcing the great purposes which take their sources from the nation’s love to peace, good will, humanity, uniting and stability of the peace creating Neutral state.

In the epoch of Power and Happiness, our Independent, eter­nally Neutral state hoisting the State Flag which took the green colour of the living goes along to the new grows of the development with the horse’s speed. Our sacred Banner bestows passion, power and striving on us in implementing the great affairs of the time. The Green Banner is the main decoration of the national holidays which come being paired. It also hoists on the tops of the various purposeful edifices and high living buildings which are constructed and offered to utilization on the occasions of the holidays.

The Turkmen green Banner is the place where the nation uni­ting, joining, happiness, love to peace, the endless power of the people, stability, the unique ho­liness of the happy development have been concentrated. It decla­res the great successes and high levels of living which are gained by the people in implementing the positive reforms. The green Ban­ner is lifted up to the sky when the people found new constructi­ons of buildings and starting great affairs. Each Turkmen feels proud because of the State Banner’s ho­isting up among the other states’ flags in front of the high building of the United Nations Organiza­tion concentrating all features of the nation’s love to peace. It de­clares the state’s great reforms to the world.

Today in the epoch of Power and Happiness, talking about the national Leader’s honour to the Turkmen people’s state attributes, we should mention the Main Flag square with its all sacredness which was created according to the esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s initiatives. The Main Flag square always gives joy to the souls with its flour beds. It was created on front of the Main National Museum of Turkmenistan, in the south part of the crossroads of Garashsyzlyk and Archabil avenues which became the bright signs of our ways that lead us to prosperity, freedom and state stability. The green Banner that hoists above the top of 133 metres flagstaff which was constructed in the centre of the square, is the national pride and joy. It expresses the spiritual revival of the nation in the epoch of Power and Happiness. It shines by brightening the souls of people who are going towards the light ways of the future. The main Flag as the flag, which was placed on the top of the highest flagstaff, was entered into the list of Guinness Book of Records. It is the testimony of the world society’s approval of our great affairs and the esteemed President’s great initiatives.

Today the oil leaves decorate our green Banner declaring the state Independence and eternal Neutrality to the world society. The State Flag became crowns of the white marbled, wonderful palaces, edifices and high living buildings. It also decorates all paired holidays and parties as the junior and elder peoples sing its beauty, sacredness and honour. At present time they feel immense joy because the huge State flag has been hoisted in all beautiful corners of the capital with great starts of the esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. The green Banner is our pride as it waves in the peaceful sky hoisting above the white, marbled buildings, the lucky roads, the green trees, the shining colours as rainbow, the beautiful parks and miraculous fountain complexes which were carried out according to the national Leader’s city- construction and architectural program.


President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly BERDIMUHAMEDOV:

Entering the constructed in Ashgabat city four magnificent buildings into the Guinness Book of Records signifies the triumph of realized in the country grandiose reforms.

Our conscientious nation has been well-known with its beneficial doctrine since from ancient times. The Turkmen nation built very high buildings and towers which lift up to the sky. They testify that our ancestors’ architectural craft took its source from the older centuries. Nowadays, this craft of the earliest heritage has been recognized as the great art under the esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s painstaking efforts. It can be proved with the following facts that during the years of Independence of eternally Neutral Turkmenistan the palaces and verandas with the golden cupolas, high towers and living buildings with the comfortable rooms have been built in the capital and other corners of the country too. They became vivid samples of the Turkmen hospitality. The shining, white marbled hotels create the contrastive beauty with the wonderful fountain complexes which spray up towards the sky. The lined avenues, streets, and railways pass through the country relating people to each other. They took their source from the main city and they spread out to all nooks of the motherland and foreign countries.

According to the National Leader’s city-construction and building programmes the na­tional architectural art’s latest experiences are combined with the European standards and our developing capital architecture is renovated in accordance with it. The wonderful edifices of the main city are distinguished with their beauty, arrogance and individuality as they show the Turkmen people’s desire, spirit and hope to future.

The esteemed President’s starts on architectural city-construction turn out to be the base of the leader’s recognition as the Great Architect of the time in the world. Each who sees the homonymous beauty of architectural buildings which are constructed so fast in the capital astonishes to the stable reforms of Turkmenistan. The man will be able to appreciate the nation’s horse speedy developments honourably by observing its historical facts that it created more than 70 states in past.

In the epoch of Power and Happiness, according to the National Leader’s starts 4 of the architectural buildings which have been constructed and offered to utilization were entered into the list of the Guinness Book of Records. It proves that the Turkmen people’s architectural art has been raised up to the top level. One of them is the fountain complex of Oguzkhan and his sons bronze sculptures which was constructed and ceremonially opened in June 29, 2008 year with the blessings of the esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. It is located at a crossroad of avenue leading to Ashgabat International Airport.

The Turkmen people highly appreciate its glorious ancestors, take care of conveying their spiritual heritage to the younger generation, and feel pride for the prosperous life at present. Oguzkhan’s proud site on his wonderful horse which stands on high stable at the centre of huge fountain complex as he expresses his proud to the great affairs of the new generation at present and the sculptures of his brave sons which stand making chain around him, can be a vivid example of the bright future. When the golden rays of the sun pass across the fountain, sun shines fall on the sculptures being seen from distance. The monumental fountain complex declared the glory of the eternally famous, brave, and country loving heroes of the nation with their everlasting patriotic principles to the world.

According to the esteemed Presi­dent Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s initiatives the monumental foun­tain complex was constructed with water flows of the multicoloured rainbows which join into the melodies of the national music for creating individual shapes of various fountain forms of whole art composition. The shining sculptures lifting up among the silver drops have been created thanks to the skillful sculptors’ wisdom and they impress every­body who comes there. The archi­tectural and sculpture arts of the Turkmen people’s past and present times in the glorious history obtained one more wonderful art work in the result of the harmonious relation in construction of the monumental fountain complex by attracting the world society’s attention. They highly appreciate the Great Architect of the time, the esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s initiatives. Our marble capital with its multiple fountain complexes was entered into the list of the Guinness Book of Records.

While watching at Oguzkhan’s sculpture that observes over the century standing with up risen right hand by sitting in the silver plane on the sky which was departed from the international airport of Ashgabat, it seems that the great ancestor wishes you fine flight and fine returning to your motherland. And while returning back when the silver plane makes a landing on, you see firstly our forefather and you will want to watch the wonderful fountains of Ashgabat. Our loyal friends from all corners of the world who come to this beautiful city, are welcomed by Oguzkhan’s and his six sons’ sculptures which concern the architectural and sculpture complex as calling them to watch the wonders of the time of the glorious history. Of course this event gives pride to each soul as a sample of a magic.

Eternally Neutral, Independent

Turkmenistan is well known as the sunny country. The abundance of sun energy during the whole year gives good opportunity to use it for the nation’s benefit. The lightening system of the monumental fountain complex works by means of the sun energy being constructed according to the farseeing, wise President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s initiatives. The water fountains flow according to the melodies of the national music for creating individual shapes. In the result the various forms of whole art composition of fountains appear. The architectural and sculpture arts of the Turkmen people in past and present times of the glorious history obtained one more wonderful art work in the result of their harmonious relation with construction of the monumental fountain complex by attracting the world society’s attention.

The wonderful fountain complex that was created with the magic of two arts, gives harmony to the green trees, colourful flowers, shining roads and beautiful buildings of the capital’s architectural appearance.


The President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly BERDIMUHAMEDOV:

The art of making unique carpet-giant entered into the Guinness Book of Records by our carpet-makers deserves the most delightful comments. These masterpieces arouse a sincere admiration of the scientists and connoisseurs of hand carpet making by their extremely complex technology, refined beauty, and rich ornaments.

In modern Turkmenistan a carpet has become one of the officially approved national symbols. It was announced to be a state property. For 20 years, on the last Sunday in May our people annually celebrate a state holiday – Turkmen Carpet Holiday. The main celebrations are held in Ashgabat, at the National Turkmen Carpet Museum, a unique temple-treasure house, where over eight thousand historical rarities and modern hand-made articles are kept. The production infrastructure of carpet making industry is being modernized; new factories where the most favorable conditions for Turkmen carpet-makers are provided, are being built and put into operation. A factory in Serdar City in the Balkan velayat at which carpets of unique parameters will be manufactured.

The aim of putting into operation new enterprises of this industry is not only to preserve and to develop our ancient national weaving traditions but also to satisfy an

increasing demand in Turkmen carpets abroad. Carpets and carpet items are, for example, exported to such countries as Italy, Great Britain, France, Germany, and others. Classical Turkmen carpets are especially popular among foreign buyers. It testifies to the uniqueness, originality, and incomparability of the traditional art of Turkmen people. There is not any doubt that along with the tasks of satisfying great demand in qualitative carpet products at the national and world markets, the preservation of the national carpet making traditions, the study and restoration of the ancient samples and ornaments, and the creation of new carpet masterpieces not yielding to the ancient analogies is the priority direction of the development of this sector of the national economy. For the first time our national carpets were exhibited at the International Exhibition held in Paris in 1900. Since that time they have been repeatedly demonstrated at similar exhibitions in different capitals and large foreign cities still exciting the real connoisseurs and gaining prestige awards. Besides numerous gold medals won at various international exhibition-fairs Turkmen carpets were also awarded in such nominations as Quality and Perfection and won The Era of Quality and The Arch of Europe gold awards, Platinum and Diamond Stars, and others. The International Association of the Connoisseurs of Turkmen Hand Carpet Making was established in 2001 to preserve and to develop ancient carpet making traditions. The task of the Association is to unite the businessmen and connoisseurs from foreign countries, engaged in the manufacture, realization, study of the historical sources of Turkmen carpets, propaganda of their uniqueness all over the world as the real works of art, the assistance in the revival, and popularization of the national traditions of ancient carpet making. Since 1992 conferences of the International Association of the Connoisseurs of Turkmen Hand Carpet Making have been annually organized in Ashgabat during the celebrations of Turkmen Carpet Holiday.

The art of making unique carpet-giants by our carpet-makers deserves the most delightful comments. The first carpet-giant made in 1942 like «Galkynysh» made in 2009, decorating the National Turkmen Carpet Museum, has become the pride of our people. These masterpieces – the pearls of modern carpet making, arise a sincere admiration of the scientists and connoisseurs of hand carpet making by their extremely complex technology, refined beauty, and rich ornaments. The unusual density of carpet items should also be noted. Thus, for example, in Altyn Asyr (Golden Age) Carpet there are up to 304 thousand knots per square meter. Besides, that masterpiece of modern art made at the Baharly artistic carpet of factory making in 2003 was entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest hand-made carpet in the world. Its area is 301 square meters, its size 14×20 meters, weight about 1.5 tones. It had been made by forty carpet-makers by the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Independence of Turkmenistan for eight months. There are 120 million knots in this carpet! Before that, the largest carpet was “Turkmen kalby” (The soul of the Turkmen) Carpet made in the most difficult years of the Great Patriotic War (1941- -1942); its area is 193 square meters. A scarlet field of that carpet is decorated by fine patterns “gushly gyol”. Owing to its high artistic and technological qualities, that carpet is a real masterpiece of the applied art, the unique sample of the folk creative activity of Turkmenistan and the invaluable monument of culture and art.

The latest masterpiece of the talented masters “Galkynysh ovazy” (The melody of revival) named after the honor of the present era was made in 2009. It is unique in all parameters: its total area is 352.8 square meters, the density of one square meter is 340 thousand knots! At present this carpet is the main decoration of the Ruhyet Palace in Dashoguz. The largest hand-made carpet is kept in the National Carpet Making Museum in whose collection is by the way, the smallest carpet item 0.01 square meter in size. Among other unique museum exhibits there are carpets with the depiction of the portraits and landscapes, historical events and monuments.


Turkmenistan Television Broadcasting Center has been constructed on the base of the esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s city-construction and architectural programmers. It was rewarded for the international improvement being the great sign of the time and the state as it was entered into the list of Guinness Book of Records.

On the occasion of the ceremonial 20th anniversary of our sacred Independence in October 17, 2011 the esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s wonderful present to the Turkmen people, silver crown of the mountain ridge appeared being visible from all corners of the sample, marble city. It is seen even from far distances of the capital. The center was built on the wide walls having 211 meters television tower of arrogance according to the best architectural solutions. It gives joy to the souls by making harmony with the beauties which are existed in all rounds of the TV broadcasting. You can observe the TV tower being in all corners of Ashgabat city and nearby villages and towns. In day time the high tower shines with the sun rays and it also obtains arrogant vision in the evening time. In the evening the high buildings, wonderful edifices and palaces of the south- -west part of the capital along with the shining roads of these places make the country brighter. While watching at this high building we understand one more time that the nation which had built wonderful and up to sky raising towers in their glorious history, are realizing their dreams under the dear Leader’s endless efforts in the new creative epoch of the country by finding their real forms.

The roads are as great as moun­tains are high: Chandybil avenue, where the Turkmen courageous forefathers rode their horses; Archabil avenue, which is covered with the two-sided juniper trees and the green garden; and the circled road that passes around the capital. Today those praiseworthy roads lead the prouded people of the country and the foreign guests to the Turkmen’s new desire – rising up to the sky television tower. In the epoch of Power and Happiness, we celebrate holidays and the representatives of different nations also participate in them being witnesses of the celebrated holiday ceremonies in the white city and the majestic mountan crown too. In the Epoch of Power and Happiness, the experienced Kopetdag Mountain became the place where our huge achievements have been gained and it is declared to the whole world by the television tower as the crown with its raising loftiness.

Turkmenistan Television Broad­casting Centre which was built near the beginning place of two Paths of Health, one is 8 kilometres and another is 25 kilometres, is distinguished with its national attributes of inside and outside decorations. The highest building of the capital was constructed with the great Architect of the time, the esteemed President’s initiatives by human hands as the created magic shining its light to all sides.

The inside edifices of the television tower with 211 metres height occupy more than 60 thousand square metres. Studios and cabinets are provided with modern equipments. The television and broadcasting employees have all necessary opportunity to work here. The powerful antennas which are settled on the television tower play the primary role in preparing and offering the programmes to the countrymen and the out of borders’ places. Implementation of such huge projects successfully became an important event in developing the working relations of the television held furthermore in modernization of the television and broadcasting systems.

Construction of the new tele­vision tower and providing of all its studios and cabinets with the modern equipments create the best conditions for preparing the highly qualified programmes which expresses and declares the population’s happiness, the country’s prosperity and the value of the sacred Independence. It creates conditions for improving and appreciated the highly valuable advices and principles of our ancestors.

The new building of Turkme­nistan Television Broadcasting

Centre as an example of the esteemed President’s farseeing policy for considering the nation’s benefit and prosperity, declared to the whole world that the complexly improvement and modernization of the television system relations play a major role in the country. The video films which have been prepared in the centre by using the modern equipments attract the spectators’ attentions and interest. The new equipments play the great roles in preparing the meaningful programmes with the best videos on TV channels. They meet all requirements of the world standards and the television broadcasting journalists have the huge, creative opportunities by using them.

Here, the capital’s architectural appearance obtains harmony with the zones of the beautiful and old mountains; wonderful nature of mountain; the clean mountain air; marbled outer side of the building; the green gardens which have been created in its rounds; the trees which are green in winter and spring; the parks which are full of flowers. In the epoch of Power and Happiness the creative stuff of the center is thankful to the esteemed President for his great starts and the country’s reforms which took their sources from the regional and general human benefits, especially, for having the opportunity to express the nation’s appreciation of the results of the happiest developments in implementing the successful reforms.

Turkmenistan Television Broad­casting Centre became a visiting place of all countrymen, people of the capital and foreign guests. It offers the comfortable services of resting places, canteens, restaurants and cafes. People who come to the centre being guests can see from the observation area the

pleasant, beautiful places of Ashgabat which is reconstructed according to the esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s city-construction programmes.

The area around of the Turkmenistan Television Broad­casting Centre which is sitting on the wide ridge of mountain lifting up to the sky, is wonderful with the beautiful gardens and this vi­sion amazes all guests. The te­levision broadcasting centre like crown standing on the moun­tain ridge with its wonderful archeological solutions being watchable from long distance, attracts the world society’s attention. Our forefather Oguz- khan’s octagonal shape forms the base of the building mea­ning peace, union, stability and prosperity. The wonderful patterns of our ancestors’ archi­tectural art, who constructed high towers for presenting them to the future generation, have been combined with the world’s modern architectural solutions and in the construction of this huge building in the result of their new harmony. This building is like the mountain magic. In the sunrise of the morning it looks like the golden Moon. The highest building of the capital with octagonal, large star on chest wearing marbled dress by shining its light the rounds is Turkmenistan Television Broadcasting Centre which was entered into the Guinness Book of Records. It proves that there are many interesting and beautiful places in our country. Oguzkhan’s huge star is the biggest star of the whole world, modern architecture. At the end of the October, 2011 the representative of the company Whole world records of Guinness company Amand Maken brought the international Certificate. It is the testimony of the above mentioned facts.