Project Description


  1. day Arrival in Ashgabat. Pick up at the Ashgabat International Airport. Accommodation in the hotel. Breakfast. Ashgabat sightseeing tour: Park and Monument of Independence, Cable Car “Asma Yoly”. Lunch. Excursion to the National Museum of Turkmenistan. Continue the tour: Health Path “Saglyk Yoly”, Ertogrul Gazy Mosque. Dinner.
  2. day Breakfast. Visit to “the Altyn Asyr” Oriental Bazaar. Lunch. Drive to Ichoguz (former Darvaza) via Yerbent village. Tour of “Gas crater”. Set up a camp. Dinner. Overnight.
  3. day Breakfast. Drive to Kunyaurgench. Visit to the monuments of the Ancient Kunyaurgench State Historical and Architectural Reserve – Mausoleums of Nadjmeddi-ibn-Kubra, Tyurabek-Khanym, Soltan Tekesh and ll-Arslan, Kutlug-Timur Minaret, Kyrk Molla Hill. Transfer to the Airport of Dashoguz city. Flight to Ashgabat. Arrival. Accommodation in the hotel. Dinner. Night transfer to the Ashgabat International Airport. Departure.

Dashoguz velayat occupies 73 000 km2 and is situated in the northern part of Turkmenistan on the left bank of the Amudarya River and in the Karakum Desert. Administrative center – Dashoguz. It is a big agricultural
supplier of cotton, fruits, vegetables, grain-crops as well as melons and gourds. Dashoguz velayat takes a special place among historical and cultural monuments of Turkmenistan, which is, first of all, connected with the
unique architectural pearl of the Orient – Kunyaurgench.

Description of main spots

Kunyaurgench (known as Gurganzh in the past) is the largest historical and archaeological park in the north of Turkmenistan. It is a large reserve with numerous ruins and monuments on the territory of modern Kunyaurgench. Such great Muslim scholars as al-Biruni, al-Horezmi and Avicenna once worked here. The city had strong resisted to Chingiz-Khan’s army. The buildings here badly remained today, but the land is still holly for Muslims.
In the Middle Asian architecture Mosaic first appeared in the decoration of Turabek Khanym Mausoleum. Masters, who created it, had creatively combined architectural shapes and rich decorations. All decorations inside and the inner part of the dome were covered with amazing carved mosaic with different ornaments, having no analogues anywhere in the world.
Najmeddin Kubra Mausoleum is one of the holiest spots in Kunyaurgench. In the end of 12th and the beginning of the 13th century Najmeddin Kubra was a famous Khorezm Muslim teacher and poet, who founded the Sufi school. His tomb is believed to have healing properties and you may always find pilgrims praying here. The building has three domes and a portal, not restored till now.
Mausoleum of Sultan Tekesh is a complex consisting of big madrasah and library (which did not survive). Conical dome and unusual brick-laying were typical forancient Khorezm’s architecture. The building is made of baked bricks laced with blue brick inserts.
Minaret of Kutlug Timur. The revival of Khorezm and its capital city from the ashes was linked to the name of the Golden Horde Governor – General Kutlug Timur (1321-1335) and his wife Turabek Hanym.
The Minaret of Kutlug Timur is the tallest minaret among the remained medieval structures in Central Asia. Its height is 62m. The minaret is decorated with brick bands of tile turquoise majolica.
Mausoleum of ll-Arslan is one of the favourite monuments of Kunyaurgench for many visitors. Mausoleum presents a small, almost quadrate erection with dodecahedral conical dome. The eastern facade is decorated with floral design and the inscription band in Arabic.

The cost includes:
• Visa support letter and visa registration
• Accommodation in the hotel “Grand Turkmen” **** (BB), tent camp in Darvaza
• Transport for the whole tour (day 2-3 – jeeps (3 seats))
• Transfers airport – hotel – airport
• Internal flight ticket Dashoguz – Ashgabat
• Meals-full board
• Guide’s services
• Sightseeing sites’ entrance
• Water, tea, coffee, fruits during the whole tour

The cost does not include:
• International airplane ticket
• Visa to Turkmenistan
• Immigration fee paid upon arrival in Turkmenistan
• Photo/video fees