Turkmenistan and China enhance cooperation in the sphere of tourism

The Turkmen-Chinese forum on cooperation in the sphere of tourism took place in Beijing on February 2. The forum was organized by the Embassy of Turkmenistan in the People’s Republic of China jointly with the State Committee for Tourism of Turkmenistan and ShuangSun and Beychen Chinese Companies.

Those speaking during the forum opening ceremony underlined that President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov paid significant attention to the tourism industry that plays a crucial role in the socio-economic development of Turkmenistan, revealing the spiritual and cultural potential of our country and enhancing the mutually beneficial relations, the international exchange of experience in the sphere of tourism and health-improving and recreation sphere.

The meeting brought together the representatives of the state structures, businessmen, marketing consultants, experts, air carriers, who specialize in the sphere of tourism, as well as Chinese media. The delegation of the heads of leading travel agencies and hotel business organizations of Turkmenistan arrived in Beijing to take part in the forum.

The main goal of the forum is provide assistance to building up and developing the mutually beneficial cooperation in the sphere of tourism, establishing the system dialogue between the state authorities in this sphere, the business communities and profile institutions of the two countries, as well as popularizing and promoting the tourism potential of Turkmenistan in China.

The meeting participants considered the status of the bilateral political, trade, economic and cultural relations, the prospects of their development given the top-level agreements and ambitious joint work, carried out by the government of our countries in various spheres that opens up wide opportunities for the development of transport communications and humanitarian relations.

Addressing the forum participants, Ambassador of Turkmenistan to the People’s Republic of China Chinar Rustamov specified such key mechanisms for enhancing the tourism relations as the cross participation in the branch exhibitions and congresses, exchange of delegations, the organization of joint events and the implementation of investment projects.

The businessmen of China got familiarized with the investment policy of Turkmenistan that creates the favourable climate for attracting the foreign capital, including in the tourism industry.

The Deputy Director General of the Department for International Cooperation of the Ministry of Tourism of the People’s Republic of China underlined the importance of the joint forum in familiarizing the Chinese community with the great potential of the tourism sphere in Turkmenistan, establishing the direct contacts between the travel agencies of the two countries and increasing the mutual tourist flow. He emphasized that the forum served as the platform for launching and implementing joint investment projects in the sphere of tourism.

Speaking during the forum, the President of the ShuangSun International Service Company put forward a number of specific proposals to enhance the partnership, in particular the organization of cultural and educational tours to see the historical and architectural sights in Turkmenistan and China, as well as our people’s traditions and heritage.

The representatives of the tourism industry of Turkmenistan and China exchanged their views on such issues of cooperation as the development of special package tours for the people of China given their interests and wishes, as well as the promotion of the tourist products of Turkmenistan to the markets of the Celestial Empire.

The opening of the visa application centre of Turkmenistan “Silk Road” that will provide visa support to Chinese tourists and companies took place in the framework of the forum.

Moreover, the air ticket lottery was held on the occasion of the visa centre opening. The certificates for the free flight with the Turkmen Airlines from Beijing to Ashgabat and back were awarded to the winners.

The Turkmen delegation also arranged the exhibition, providing a wide range of informative materials, souvenirs and promotional products, dedicated to tourism in our country.

A number of contracts and agreements aimed at widening the mutually beneficial tourism business between Turkmenistan and China were signed up on the outcomes of the forum. The documents covered a wide range of the partnership areas in the tourism industry, including through various tourism events on the territory of the two countries, investments, training of personnel for the industry and exchange of information.



Turkmen Horse Day is a public holiday in Turkmenistan held annually on the last Sunday in April. It celebrates the Akhal-Teke, a horse breed from Turkmenistan which is presented on the country’s official coat of arms.

One of the world’s unique celebrations is Turkmen Horse day. Turkmen people assume that it is necessary to give special value to Akhal-teke horses, which have been loyal partner throughout centuries. It impresses many with its unique beauty and strength.

The start of the tradition of this wonderful holiday was given in 1992. Since the Akhal-Teke horse is a national treasure of Turkmenistan, its Day is celebrated in the state at the level of national festivities. In all regions of the country everywhere organize exhibitions, concerts, recitals, and of course horse races. Heads of other countries often participate in the events.

On the day of the Akhal-Teke horse races are held, in which the main role is played not the speed of reaching the finish line, but the safety of the horse. In addition to the lack of injury and good condition of the horse, frequency of contractions his heart rate per minute should not be more than 64 beats.

Visiting celebrations, you can not only look at the races, exhibitions and competitions, but also to appreciate the skill of the “Jigits” (famous Turkmen riders)  and the amazing beauty of Akhal-Teke horses. Also to see Turkmen camel “Akmaya”, Turkmen dog “Alabay” and taste Turkmen traditional meals.



The Executive Committee of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) decided to hold the 2018 World Weightlifting Championship in the capital of Turkmenistan – Ashgabat.

Weightlifting was among the 32 disciplines in the program of the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, held in September in Turkmen capital.The 2018 World Weightlifting Championship will be conduct in the same venue where during the AIMAG 2017 were held.

Application of the Weightlifting Federation of Turkmenistan was based on the fact that for the organization of the championship the heritage of the Asian Games- great sports facilities of the Olympic Village with the most modern infrastructure- can be used.

The facilities and venues were successfully tested not only during AIMAG but also earlier in the same year during the Asian Championships.Athletes, who will come to the World Weightlifting Championship to Ashgabat, will be able to enjoy the most modern venues and facilities that were built for AIMAG 2017.

The Tournament will be held in Turkmenistan capital in November 2018.