Development of health protection system is being speeded up nowadays. There can be no doubt that “spa pearls” of the country – Bairamaly, Archman, Mollakara with their salubrious climate have a lot of perspectives and resources for treatment of many serious illnesses.

Health resort Mollakara is located in West part of Turkmenistan 24 km away from Nebitdag on the eastern coast of ancient Uzboy, the dried river. Formerly the waters of Amu-Darya flowed into the Caspian Sea along with the ancient Uzboy river.

The health-resort is a mud-cure health center. Many legends are known about miraculous properties of repe and mud applied here. Therefore, from the immemorial native residents arrived here to undergo a mud cure from various ailments.

Nowadays Mollakara is one of the largest health-centers of the country equipped with modern medicine equipment. The health-resort is for about 500 sick people. Patients with illnesses of motor system and nervous system, gynecological illnesses are treated here. An acupuncture treatment for man’s sterility is applied here since 1994. In Mollakara, families can find happiness to have children.

The main medical factors are sulfide mud containing silt and chlor magnesium-natrium repe of the unique Mollakara lake. A man will not drown and is always on the surface due to mineralization of its water.

The method of treatment by means of alternation mud applications and repe baths, electro-mud baths and heliotherapy, physical training and massage is successfully applied here. There are such laboratories and consulting rooms as: medical diagnostic, dental surgery, X-ray photo clinical-diagnostic. Not the least of the medical factors is high air dryness hot summer and relatively warm winter.

Walks along the lake shore and interesting excursions are the component part of leisure for patients. There is library, club and billiards halls there.

Treatment and active rest, rich impressions calm and strengthen nervous system, promote rehabilitation process of high quality. The terms of are 20 days.

Means of communication: by plane from Ashgabat or Turkmenbashy, either by train from Nebitdag. From Nebitdag airport to the sanatorium – 10 km along a good high-way road. From Nebitdag railway station to Jebel railway and further on by bus of the health-resort.

Mary region is famous not only for its historical monuments and sights, but for quite modern relic as well – a unique renal sanatorium in the town of Bairamaly. Thousands of people breathe healthy air in Bairamaly every year. Sanatorium is located in the south-east part of Turkmenistan and Bayramali is located 360 km. from Ashgabat city, 25 km. from the airport of Mary city (renal and cardiological part).

This unique sanatorium is situated on the height of 242 meters above sea level in large shady park with area 44 hectares, evergreen trees grow all around it – all these create original microclimate.

Spa location is very favorable as it’s situated just in the epicenter of “wind-rose”, in the oasis where Karakum desert is on the one side and Murgab river is on the other side.

July, 1929 is to be considered as official birthday of the sanatorium. That time Turkmenistan government, basing on the scientific research of professor Alexandrov V.A. who proved necessity to use southern regions of Turkmenistan for nephritis treatment, had announced Bairamaly a climatic renal sanatorium. However fame of this splendid piece of Turkmen land possessing wonderful medical characteristics such as dryness, heat and sun and that resembles Egyptian climate has been spread far beyond the borders of the country already in 19 century.

Dry, hot climate with temperature that mounts 40 degrees in the shade in summer and 30-35 degrees in spring and autumn, relative humidity from 10 to 35 per cent, high insulation and volatility from land surface, almost full absence of precipitation from June till September and their small amount in other months – all these facts have a wholesome effect on people suffering from nephritis. Sudoriferous glands activity is being intensified that leads to maximum excretion of water and salt from organism, blood pressure is being reduced, edema is being boiled over, renal and coronary blood flow is being intensified, circulation of the blood is being improved, organism resistibility is being raised.

In a word, treatment in the sanatorium makes health better, restores ability to work, delays renal decease progression. Besides the renal treatment here the treatment of people with cardiovascular and nervous system decease is very efficient which was confirmed by scientific researches of many years.

Bairamaly sanatorium works the whole year round and has possibility to receive 800 guests at the same time. Today a reconstructed former palace is encircled with medical buildings provided with up-to-day equipment, hydropathic establishment for cardiovascular patients, gym and habitable buildings with comfortable rooms. Patients in their spare time may choose any form of leisure – read in the library, play tennis, volleyball or badminton, visit performance of local theater, go to disco or make on excursion to the monuments of ancient Merv. 

Health resort Archman is located 130 km. to the west from Ashgabat city. Splendid motorway turns on the white-marble arch of central gates of present day “Archman” spa. Modern complex of medical and habitable buildings spread over shady park just in the place where life-giving spring had been found. There is all necessary for recovery here: mineral water gallery, building for bath taking, shady walking routes.

The main remedy of the spa is hydrogen sulphide mineral water. This water has permanent temperature of 28,5 degrees and is being raised from the depth of more than 1200 meters. It cures alimentary canal, diathesis, skin, anchylosis and neuralgic diseases, it also makes metabolism better so helpsto get rid of many illnesses.

Highly skilled medical personnel is provided with up-to-day diagnostic and treatment equipment. Specialists will define more exact diagnosis and prescribe optimum course of treatment. Light and spacious rooms combine home and high class hotel comfort. Dining rooms of the spa can offer a wide assortment of dietary cookery prepared from fresh products of the farm attached to a sanatorium.

Sanatorium “Farab” is located 25 kilometers North-West of the city of Turkmenabat of Lebap province. Since 1958 sanatorium “Farab”, as a reservoir of mineral water, takes water from 3 wells located at a depth of 360-370 meters and very popular among the population. Constant temperature of water 390С, in the structure of the water includes more than 32 chemical minerals, including iodine, bromine, magnesium, sodium bicarbonate, sodium sulfate, hydrogen sulfide and some others.

Chemical elements – iodine and bromine, and other mineral salts combine with oxygen and oxidized water after leaving the wells turns to yellow. Medicinal properties the chemical composition of the water tested in the Central laboratory of the Corporation “Turkmen Geological Ministry .”

With the direct participation of the Esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov inaugurated the sanatorium “Farab”, which includes a three-story building with 250 seats, equipped with modern equipment to provide high quality service to the citizens of our country to create favorable conditions for rest and treatment. In the new building of the sanatorium “Farab” located diagnostic and medical offices and hydro path.

Diagnostic Department equipped with the latest x-ray, endoscopic, also with modern equipment for ultrasound, ECG, including clinical and biochemical laboratories and other modern equipment. To the care of patients in the sanatorium there are the following offices: dentist, ophthalmologist, otorhinolaryngology, office for washing stomach and intestines, also offices for the treatment of intestinal diseases, office inhalation, and electrophoresis.

Medical Department includes offices of physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, gynecological and also offices for the treatment of intestinal diseases, and therapeutic exercises.

In hydro path operate medical offices for the treatment of  hydro sulfuric and iodine-bromine water, also rooms with power shower, circulating shower and hydro massage. The Department has 18 baths with calming effect, which are provided to use extracts of medicinal plants of Turkmenistan in them. Healing water of the sanatorium “Farab” is widely used for the treatment of rheumatism, nervous diseases, and diseases of the musculature system, skin diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and biliary tract, cardiovascular and gynecological diseases.

Services of the sanatorium are year-round.

Bathrooms are located in the main resorts, which is very convenient for patients. The Department has 10 baths with relaxing effect that provides the use of extracts medicinal plants of Turkmenistan. There are two pools filled with mineral water and also different types of therapeutic showers. Function treatment offices for treatments of hydrogen sulfide and iodine-bromine water, also facilities with power shower, circulating shower, jacuzzi tub.


Sanatorium “Berzengi”, is the scientific balneological Department of the Metropolitan Hospital with scientific-clinical center of cardiology, is located in the South of Ashgabat at the foothills of Central Kopetdag Mountains. Here from vertical well is coming out 7 liters of water per second. Level of mineralization is 3.4 g/dm3, composed of sulphate, magnesium, potassium. This amazing water has a constant temperature of 37 degrees.

As a preventive sanatorium “Berzengi” throughout the whole year, provides services for the treatment and prevention of diseases. Because of this wonderful water, having in its composition of anion-cation, and numerous trace components, provides broad therapeutic opportunities to contribute effectively to the rapid recovery of human body after the period of exacerbation of certain diseases, improving resistance to infectious diseases.

Here created all necessary conditions for this. All offices are equipped with the most modern medical equipment – ultrasound diagnosis, electrocardiography (ECG) of the heart, holter monitoring ECG heart, also daily monitoring of arterial blood pressure. In to the patients service there is – offices of inhalation, electroscopes, light treatment, paraffin and ozokerite applications, acupuncture and physical therapy. And of course, the primary treatment is mineral water used for therapeutic baths, showers and hydro massage.

For many years, scientists studying the healing properties of the water source “Berzengi”. They conduct research work on its use in the treatment of various diseases. Today compiled a list of diseases for which treatment water “Berzengi” revealed its effectiveness. Among them – diseases of cardiovascular system, respiratory system, digestive system, central and peripheral nervous system, musculature system, skin diseases and treatment after burn.

Located 110 km from the city of Ashgabat health “Yyly Suv” for many years helps citizens to restore and strengthen health.

Result of modernization in the field of health care, opened its doors to the sanatorium “Yyly Suv”, and designed for 80 places at the same time serving 40 people. In the sanatorium there are 5 water wells. Three of them are used in the form of hydrogen sulfuric mineral baths for diseases of the musculature system, peripheral nervous system, thyroid, non-infectious skin and gynecological diseases.

One of the other two wells is with mineral water with bromine, the second – iodized mineral water. They are used in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, inflammation of the liver and biliary tract, pancreas and also in the treatment of gastritis, kidney stones, infertility, diseases of the spine, long no healing wounds after burns.

In the new building of the sanatorium “Yyly Suv” located diagnostic, therapeutic and hydro path department.

In the hydropath department to citizen who arrived to have a rest and restore health, offers hydrogen sulfide, iodine bromine and calming bath using medicinal herbs growing in the Turkmen land. There are also pools designed separately for men and women, circulating shower, hydro massage, office to wash the stomach and intestines and gynecological hydration

Services of the sanatorium are year-round.