The regulation of obtaining a Turkmenistan entry visa

Tourist entry visa to Turkmenistan can be issued to foreign citizens by diplomatic representatives or consular establishments of Turkmenistan in the foreign states, and also in Consular department of the International Airport of Ashgabat city on the basis of visa support (letter of invitation – LOI).

LOI is arranged in the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan within 15 calendar days term.

To apply the LOI, the following information is required:

  1. Name and Surname
  2. Date and place of birth
  3. Citizenship
  4. Series and number of passport
  5. Validity of passport
  6. Place of work and position
  7. Terms and duration of staying in Turkmenistan
  8. Itinerary and places (cities) you are planning to visit


A copy of the passport is obligatory.

Migration Card will be issued by the Migration Service upon arrival.

Entry Travel Pass – a confirmation paper issued by the travel agency to pass passport control in each Turkmen border; it’ll be given to you by the Migration Officer together with the Migration Card. Therefore, please inform us about exact day/time/flight of tourist arrival 3 days prior the arrival.

Tourist visa should be registered by the State Travel Enterprise “Ashgabatsiyakhat” within 3 working days after arrival.

For visa registration a tourist needs to have 2 photos (size – 4x5cm).

Accommodation in a hotel for tourists during the entire stay in Turkmenistan is obligatory.

While travelling around Turkmenistan and visiting border zones and state reserves, the tourist should be accompanied by the guide from the inviting travel agency.